Award Nominees and Winners are selected by members of The Academy from the best work entered through the Call for Entries. Evaluated against a number of criteria, the work undergoes a rigorous process to win the Award.

Tier 1 – Shortlisting of Applicants

Associate Academy Members will independently inspect the thousands of entries submitted during the Call for Entries, rating each one based on its respective judging criteria. Every entry is evaluated by multiple Associate Academy Members. The top entries are then included on category-specific shortlists and further evaluated by Executive Judges of the Academy.

Tier 2 – Establishing Nominees and Winners

Executive Academy members with category-specific expertise further evaluate the shortlisted entries based on the category and eventually cast ballots to determine Honorees, Nominees and Winners. In the event of a tie, the Chief Judge casts the tie-breaking vote. Executive Academy members may not vote in any category in which they have a conflict of interest Due to the fact that only five (5) nominees, including one (1) winner, can be chosen for each category, other entries that are worthy of recognition are eligible to receive special commendation from the Academy as Official Honorees. No more than 15% of entries can receive the Official Honoree distinction

Award Judging Criteria

The award seeks to highlight technology-enabled innovation within each vertical, and offer recognition for entries in the following criteria

  • Business performance/revenue impact
  • Cost saving
  • Technological innovation
  • Transformational/change factors
  • Examples could be process innovation, organizational change management/transformation, business or marketing innovation, human-centric customer innovation, innovation in hardware/software, telecommunication, IT services and consultancies, HR/Finance and operational innovation. The winner in each category must demonstrate the use of technology or process innovation to drive growth or achieve leadership position in their industry. These innovators or enterprises have successfully honed a culture of innovation and utilize technology to bring about disruptive/transformational benefits internally to the organisation and externally to its partners and customers.

    Entries will therefore be scored as follows :

    Innovation - 25 Points

  • How is this project new, different or unique in terms of the technology or implementation?
  • How well does it tap into new or under-served market segments?
  • Does it improve the way in which products or services are delivered to a client?
  • Technical Excellence - 25 Points

  • How well is the complexity of the technology converted into simplicity for the user?
  • Does the project demonstrate the effective use of a cutting-edge technology?
  • How polished is the implementation?
  • Effectiveness & Implementation - 20 Points

  • How well does this technology serve the needs of its target audience?
  • How does the technology selected solve the challenges this project presents?
  • Does the technology selected fit the project requirements?
  • Is the application of the selected technology fundamental to the success of the project?
  • Impact & Usability - 20 Points

  • What is the quality of the design like? Does it have immediate visual impact?
  • Is the end product simple and logical to use?
  • Is the user experience engaging and intuitive?
  • Potential for Growth - 10 Points

  • Is this technology commercially viable for wider adoption and application?
  • How frequent is further development and availability of upgrades to enhance and improve it?
  • Public Voting

    The Judging Executive Academy will review all submissions and shortlist nominees which will be made available for public voting in an online poll and via sms short code. This is to give consumers of technology innovation an opportunity to participate. To ensure a wide participation the awards will be vigorously advertised on both traditional and new media. There will also be pullouts in the dailies.

    The public is to vote using the following criteria

  • Perceived innovator
  • Demonstrated technology leadership with market leading products/service
  • Track record in innovating for customers